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Maxwell is here! GTX 980 is now revealed!

Our Final Thoughts

The GeForce GTX 980 had lots of rumors going around and supposed performance numbers left many users already with bad tastes in their mouths but like many rumors they end up to be proven wrong and well with the entry price of this card the performance is very nice. Would I like to see it double the performance of the 780ti well of course I would but for anyone who has paid any attention to GPU launches since GPUs have existed they do not work like this and especially now as the need for more performance is dissipating since HD resolution playability is possible from mid level performance cards Nvidia has taken a pretty smart route in offering some very nice new features and technologies to attract users to upgrade. Now dont get me wrong the performance boost doesnt hurt especially with the power savings piled on top of that.

The power consumption or lack thereof is very surprising as we watched TDP rise going from 680 to 780, then coming to 980 it was like dropping off of a cliff and this now means that in multi card setups you can possibly use a much smaller PSU such as a solid 1000-1050W supply in 4 way without much issue.

The final word on this really comes down to the question of do you need it and why.

Well theres a few ways to look at this  but lets assume you’re the vast majority that maybe has a GTX 680 or lower and hasnt upgraded in a couple years, this would be a very capable upgrade with power savings and even some cool new features to give you a more immersive gameplay experience. If you recently got a 780ti and your looking to replace your flagship or even a 780, I would not really say to jump out there and but a 980 as it simply might not be the level of upgrade your looking for.

That being said I am very excited to see what the partners do with the 980 card especially overclock levels and custom coolers as these cards already run cool and overclock well so i can only imagine what a 980 with an awesome VRM solution and monster cooler can do.

Pros: Cons
  • Excellent performance
  • Super high OC potential
  • Quiet operation
  • Nice thermals even when Overclocked
  • Excellent gaming performance and compatibility
  • awesome new features and technology support
  • Not a huge upgrade from current gen outgoing flagship
  • price makes this a upper end model and outside the mass market

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