Corsair Vengeance Gaming Gear From Digital Storm!


Award_ApprovalCorsair makes some great gaming peripherals and now when partnering with a high-end system integrator like Digital Storm it is a very smart strategic partnership which ensures that their product gets a lot more looks from enthusiasts and gaming users by being added to their extensive high-end product catalog.

Although the keyboard was not a 100% fit for me and the headset I felt lacked a bit of adjustability which was directly needed they are not enough of an issue that I could not highly recommend them for any gamer.

Overall I give the gaming set I received from Digital Storm a Bjorn 3D Seal of approval as they all do what they advertise and do it quite well, they would be an asset to any gamers arsenal.

We would like to thank Digital Storm for sending us these samples to test out and we look forward testing more products from their line-up.


You can find Digital Storm Performance PC’s and pair them with gaming gear such as seen here on their website

Review Overview

Features - 8.5
Quality - 9
Value - 8
Performance - 8


The Corsair Vengeance gaming set from Digital Storm do an great job at what they are designed for during gaming sessions and it is a smart move by Digital Storm to offer such gear.

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