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Func KB-460 keyboard


The keyboard we used for this review used the US layout. It is a bit different from the european layouts since it has a much smaller enter-key.


We played a variety of games with the keyboard including RTS-games and a bunch of Battlefield 4 matches. The keyboard works well in all the games used it in. When you turn the Func-mode on then it turns off the Windows key which of course is great in games. The fact that we have to press fn+function key to swith a profile isn’t perfect in game but usually we should not have to switch profiles that often while being a in a fire fight. More annoying is that we do in fact miss a row of dedicated macro keys. It would save us from having to take up one or more keys for the macros.

What also would have been nice is the ability to have some keys in another color, for example the WASD-keys. 

Regular Work

We do not game all the time and thus is is important that the keyboard actually works well also in every day work. During the review I used the keyboard as my main keyboard. Considering that me who is typing this is a Swede and thus are used to a Nordic layout and the keyboard has a US-layout you can understand that it took some time getting used to the difference in the layout. Even then I was typing away on the KB-460 at high speeds in no time. In fact, I got used to this keyboard and could type faster much quicker than both the Qpad MK80 and the Steelseries APEX that I have at home. The only real problem I had was the small enter-key and I did accidentally press the key above it a bunch of times but this has more to do not being used to the layout. Not only did I find myself typing quick, the typing feeling was also very nice making this one of the better keyboards I have used. 


We did try to test the anti-ghosting feature and press as many keys as possible at the same time. We used this test from Microsoft as well as this test. Not only did we try to press as many keys as possible at the same time but also “hard” combinations like wasd, erty, wexc and many more. We could not find any combinations that did not work. In fact we ended up combining several of the ‘hard’ combinations and everything worked fine. It seems that the Func KB-460 indeed does have full n-key roll over. 

We did mention sound before. We measured the noise level when typing on several different keyboards. The measurment was made 1 meter from the keyboard.

Idle 33.6 dBa
Asus G750J Notebook around 37 dBa
Steelseries Apex Around 45 dBa
Func KB-460 Around 50 dBa

While the sound level is higher than the other keybaords that not are mechanical it isn’t that bad for a mechanical keyboard. It takes some getting used to, especially when you type late in the evening and everything around you is quiet. 

Review Overview

Performance - 8
Value - 9
Quality - 8
Features - 7.5


The Func KB-460 proves that you do not have to spend a lot of money for a great mechanical keyboard. It impresses us with good features, excellent performance and a great price.

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