Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti – Nvidia takes GK110 to the Next Level

Our Final Thoughts

The 780 Ti on paper looked awesome and once on the test bench was nothing short of amazing.

First of all we need to look at the value prospect which honestly is a bit above what most gamers would spend but for enthusiasts gamers it really is a steal as it beats up on the TITAN in terms of gaming at a lower price point.

Performance is very strong and beats out many top end cards–even the TITAN–but do realize due to lowered compute performance capability the TITAN still has market relevance. Even still, Nvidia took some of the shine away from the TITAN with the 780 Ti, but it was only a matter of time as a top card only stays at the top for so long anyway.

The new Shadowplay feature is awesome and allows an amazingly capable video recording with real time encoding directly on the GPU to keep system performance hit to a minimum and drive space also will be affected much lesser than some other methods which were employed previously.

G-Sync is a very interesting technology and an innovation in the display side which really has not changed much except addition of higher resolution panels or 3D Capabilities. If it stands up to expectations this could be huge.

AMD tried to answer the 700 series with the R9-290X, which does a good job on the performance side, but the heat and acoustics are simply unacceptable.

The 780 Ti is an excellent single card and I can only imagine how it will scale in a multi GPU setup but knowing you can now get performance over a TITAN for 300 less than a TITAN is just awesome.

Pros: Cons
  • Excellent performance
  • Super high OC potential
  • Quiet operation
  • Nice thermals even when Overclocked
  • Excellent gaming performance and compatibility
  • Price is a bit steep

Review Overview

Performance - 95%
Value - 90%
Quality - 95%
Features - 95%
Innovation - 90%


The 780 Ti has proven to be an obscenely powerful performer with ability to spare, all while staying cool and quiet.

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  1. that picture of the PCB is inaccurate. there is one capacitor that is out of line with the rest, and some of the voltage regulator components are in different spots on the 780ti vs 780 and titan.

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