Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti – Nvidia takes GK110 to the Next Level

A Closer Look at the GTX 780 Ti



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The GTX 780 Ti came in standard white box like all of the Nvidia cards we see, and here you can see it utilizes the same cooler as we have seen on all 7 series models except 760. The TITAN style cooler works very well and it cools amazingly and even stays nice and quiet while looking good as well.

The silver internal fins which we are used to seeing are replaced this time around with darker anodized black color fins, and honestly in my opinion it looks really really good. Also the 780 Ti engraving is recessed into the rear of the color body instead of being bright silver is also a black fill which once again adds a bit of stand out appearance to the card.

Nvidia 780 Ti2

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On the rear of the PCB there is actually not much different from a standard 780 model it technically looks like the same card, as well it is just with a different GPU and memory IC’s in place.

Nvidia 780 Ti technicall1 Nvidia 780 Ti3

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The top of the card houses the all too familiar dual SLI bridge connectors which allow for full 4-Way SLI functionality. This obviously is not something that Nvidia ever supported officially, as they never really have pushed the whole ideal of 4 way, but those with 4 way capable boards and the need for serious amounts of available gaming horsepower can run it. This capability would permit a system to scale well beyond a single GPU’s performance potential, should a game require it (Crysis 3 and Metro: Last Light come to mind here).

The display connectivity is about standard for what we have seen on the Kepler based lineup:

  • 2x DVI
  • 1x HDMI
  • 1x Displayport

This all digital connector arrangement allows for maxing out the GPU with up to 4 displays and even a surround plus accessory display array should the need arise.

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Here much like the TITAN or 780 models you can see the front facing provision for a PCIe 8 Pin connection which shows that this PCB is likely made for a much more expensive Tesla based compute card usage originally as that is normally where I have seen the front facing 8 pins in place. This speaks well for the rigidity and stability of the card as the high end compute cards from Nvidia are designed to take a ton of stress and load 24/7 and this means gaming and even overclock loads should b super easy for the board to handle.

The dual PCIe Connectors one 8 Pin and one 6 Pin matches similar to the TITAN and 780 models which are spec’d at 250W TDP as well so all is well here.

 Nvidia 780 Ti technicall2

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Here you can see the stripped PCB as supplied by Nvidia since I simply did not want to rip into the card with the short time I had to test it and retest. You can see that for all intents and purposes it looks very much like a 780 model and for good reason as I said before it is a 780 with a more capable GPU and memory.


Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti Nvidia launched the 700 series and really took the market by storm with the capability to offer exceptional power savings and super strong performance per watt, along with cool running cards which makes for a great gaming package. However nothing ever is safe for very long and with that AMD showed off their new R series of cards to compete. Unfortunately for AMD, almost all of the models in the R series were actually existing chips with a new name. The exception was the flagship product--the R9-290X. The R9-290X takes…

Review Overview

Performance - 95%
Value - 90%
Quality - 95%
Features - 95%
Innovation - 90%


The 780 Ti has proven to be an obscenely powerful performer with ability to spare, all while staying cool and quiet.

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  1. that picture of the PCB is inaccurate. there is one capacitor that is out of line with the rest, and some of the voltage regulator components are in different spots on the 780ti vs 780 and titan.

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