MSI R7870 HAWK Edition


When looking at a card, we try to look at it as a package, rather than at individual attributes. The R7870 HAWK is presently on the market for around 319.99 which is about even with the other players in the category.

The efficiency of the Twin Frozr IV cooler means the card’s heat is not an issue unless it really gets pushed hard. However the cooler’s dual fans can get loud when they spin up to full RPM.

The card’s performance is also very good, meeting the GTX 580 almost head to head in many cases, and even eclipsing it depending on the benchmark. The overclocking headroom is immense, with memory getting a very fruitful increase in clockspeed right out of the gate, and the GPU showing it can really move as well. Add to this the fact that there is a completely separate BIOS that is unlocked and setup for extreme cooling/benchmarking, and this card could easily hit far better numbers for those who love to push benchmarks.

To round it out, we would say this card’s price is great: it is expensive, but not too expensive for some great gaming performance. For those looking for a card cheaper than the top-of-the-line models, it is hard not to recommend the MSI R7870 HAWK as it offers great temps and impressive overclocking levels.


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Anti-Dust Fan

Amazing Overclockability

Stays Cool & Quiet

Cool looks

Solid build quality

Supports large amount of displays

Military Class components

Available Unlocked BIOS

Fans can get loud when pushing the limit

GPU Reactor can interfere with close multi GPU setups

Summary: The MSI R7870 HAWK is a truly amazing card at a decent price point. It has plenty of overclocking potential, giving it some serious performance edge. For this, the MSI R7870 HAWK earns the Bjorn3D Golden Bear Award.

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