ASUS STRIX RTX 2080 Ti White Edition – Is This The One Card To Rule Them All?!

Power, Thermals, and Noise

For our thermal testing, we ran Gaming loads rather than a power virus type of load, as this represents a far more realistic loading scenario for those looking to see what you can expect when gaming on your new RTX card.


We observed idle tempos down to the 27C range with a 22C thermally controlled environment, giving us a delta of just 5C above ambient. Under load, we saw a peak of 61C, which was a delta of 39C and is almost 10C cooler than the next comparable card at this performance level. Compared to the vapor chamber cooled FE card, we are 23C cooler.


Power draw for the ASUS STRIX 2080 Ti topped at 405W, which we found that the enhanced power limit causes a draw of over 29W more than the full system load with the TITAN RTX equipped, and 50W higher than the FE 2080 Ti. Keep the thermals in mind we just observed as that’s one hell fo a result for pulling a solid 50W over the FE model.


New Noise

The fan noise for the triple fan STRIX is virtually nonexistent, by the time we got the GPU up to a temp where the fans were ramping a bit, they were in no way as noticeable as any other component on the testbench sitting approximately four feet from my face.

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