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SilverStone Tundra Series TD02-Slim AIO Liquid Cooler Review


The Tundra TD02-Slim was an interesting product to test. The installation was simple and straight-forward, the unit looks good (the hoses look firm and clean, the Silverstone logo and the LED lights are a nice touch) and the product performed better than we expected a smaller AIO liquid cooling unit to do. That being said, we feel that the Tundra TD02-Slim is best suited for cases that require a smaller cooling unit and that those of you with larger cases may be better served to look into other cooling options. Listed at $85.99 on Amazon at the time of this review, the Tundra TD02-Slim provides great value for its size and is an excellent pound for pound option for meeting your AIO liquid cooling needs when space is a factor. Overall, the TD02-Slim is a unique and versatile AIO cooler but does not offer the greatest cooling capacity, due to this we have awarded it the Bjorn3D Silver Bear Award.


SilverStone TD02-Slim Pros SilverStone TD02-Slim Cons
 -Small Size

-Competitive Pricing

 -Not as effective as larger liquid cooling units (when space isn’t an issue)

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