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Corsair Vengeance LED 2666MHz DC (16-18-18) (CMU32GX4M2A2666C16R)

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

We like the Corsairs Vengeance LED 32GB 2666MHz Kit kit not just for it’s lighting but it’s speed, prices and geekly good looks. It’s not the fastest kit on the market, but it’s plug and play ready and looks great in the test system. The red color emanating from the top of the RAM draws the eye in the chassis immediately!

Benchmark scores were inline with other 2666MHz kits we’ve seen, but the other kits lacked the LED lighting found on the Corsair kit. Now Corsair has faster LED kits to choose from, we just happened to receive a 2666MHz kit to test. If you are looking for more speed and the bling the LEDs provide, Corsair can fill the bill up to 3466MHz, but those will cost you a few more clams.

We are happy with the 2666MHz Corsair Vengeance Red LED kit we tested; speeds were good, stability was rock solid, and the kit has never once thrown a blue screen or error. Dependability means a lot when it comes to RAM, and the Corsairs Vengeance LED 32GB 2666MHz Kit kit provides speed, dependability, and bling; a rare combination in one RAM kit, which earns it the Bjorn3D Silver Bear Award.



  • Strong Performance
  • Nice 16-18-18-36 Timings
  • XMP Profile Was Plug And Play (stock CPU speed)
  • Four Timings Profiles
  • Live Chat And Live Tech Support
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Dependable
  • Increased Voltage to 1.25v To Run CPU Overclocked

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