Corsair Vengeance LED 2666MHz DC (16-18-18) (CMU32GX4M2A2666C16R)

Overclocking & CPU-Z

CPU-Z on the Corsairs Vengeance LED 32GB 2666MHz Kit Kit



As CPU-Z shows, this is a 2666MHz kit running at CL 16-18-18-36 on a command rate of 2T. We noted earlier to get stability on the kit with our 4.5GHz OC we had to up the voltage to 1.25V which was either VDroop or the OC needed the extra voltage on the kit. When we ran stock CPU speed 1.2V ran the kit fine.




Here’s an 8M run of Super Pi at the rams stock speed of 2666MHz and it yielded 91.255 seconds.



Adding a bit more voltage to the kit got us to 2800MHz with the same CL 16-18-18-36 timings and we got a little boost to 90.874 seconds.

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