Mushkin Redline Ridgeback 8GB Dual-Channel DDR4-2666MHz (15-15-15-35) (997192T)

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

We enjoyed our time with the Mushkin Redline Ridgeback 8GB Dual-Channel DDR4-2666MHz (15-15-15-35) (997192T) and it is a welcome addition the lab. The Redline Ridgeback 8GB Dual-Channel DDR4-2666MHz (15-15-15-35) (997192T) is fast, does exactly what it is supposed to do, and has some of the best styling in the business right now in our opinion. The kit we received overclocked to 3000MHz  and reassured us that our optimism in Mushkin was well warranted. The style, the price, the performance, we like this kit of RAM and we know budget bound consumers will too. We got our kit running at 3000MHz @(15 15 15) timings which is a great feat for this kit, Mushkin has done well producing a quality product.


Only two things to note about the Mushkin Redline Ridgeback 8GB Dual-Channel DDR4-2666MHz (15-15-15-35) (997192T) kit. One: no black PCB, some won’t even care about this and for the price we don’t either. Two: If you have plans of upgrading to more ram later and want another matching kit, you will be limited to 16GB max (4x4GB) on your Skylake motherboard. 8GB is enough to cover a large portion of consumer needs and the performance gains after 8GB areAward_ApprovalAward_Value questionable to some, most end users really don’t need more than 8GB and 16GB should surely have you covered so no worries really. We are Awarding the Best Bang The Buck Award and the Bjorn3D.Com Seal of Approval. For the price, the Redline Ridgeback 8GB DDR4-2666MHz knocks it out of the park.


Pros Cons
  • Price
  • MADE IN U.S.A.
  • Overclocks Easily
  • Hit <3000MHz stable on a 2666MHz Kit
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Hassle Free XMP install
  • Effective Heat Spreaders
  • No Black PCB
  • Max 16GB achievable


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