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Gigabyte and ASUS FM2+ Supports Gadavari (A10-7870K)

MSI announced the support for the Godavari (along with a few new motherboards) before AMD has officially announced the APU. Now, it is Gigabyte and ASUS’s turn as both companies have announced their FM2+ boards will support the AMD A10-7870K APU. As always, BIOS update maybe needed for the full support.


Users with existing ASUS board can just update to the latest BIOS with ASUS USB BIOS Flashback. Or if you prefer to do in Windows, you can opt for ASUS EZ Update tools. The ASUS USB BIOS Flashback tool is a neat little tool where you can download the BIOS and put it on a flash drive. Then pop it into the motherboard to flash the BIOS. The tool will even flash the BIOS “WITHOUT” a processor or memory installed. This is very useful tool if you did not have an old CPU handy to flash the new BIOS and need the latest version in order to boot the system up.




Gigabyte’s existing FM2+ Series motherboards also will support the latest AMD Godavari APUs. As always, make sure you hit the motherboard download page to get the latest BIOS before you swap out or install the new APUs to guarantee full compatibility.


Gigabyte does not feature the fancy USB BIOS Flashback that ASUS board supports but their boards BIOS can also be updated within the BIOS. All you got to do is just download the BIOS, put on a flash drive, and then flash it within the BIOS. Alternatively, The @BIOS is a software utility that you can run in Windows.

Gigabyte has a couple of neat motherboards like the G1.Sniper A88X that we reviewed with gaming-centric features such as higher audio quality that gamers can just pair with the the A10-7870K for a powerful inexpensive gaming rig. Alternatively, for the mini-ITX folks, their A88XN WIFI that we reviewed is also a good choice as well.







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