EVGA X99 Classified – EVGA’s Top Dog in The Enthusiasts Arena

Our Final Thoughts

It has been a very long time since we looked at an EVGA board and I’m glad that this was the one to break that tradition. Being less familiar with the EVGA boards over others I wasnt sure what to expect really so I am glad to see that EVGA has a very good handle on delivering a board that is solid from a performance standpoint and is getting much better with features.

As far as features the Classified is a bit lacking when compared to others as one feature that is  almost standard on the boards I have seen to date is WiFi. The Classified does have a M.2 slot which can install a Wireless LAN card but no WiFi out of the box just feels kind of dated. I do know that being a benching board WiFi is not necessarily always needed but when comparing to competing boards even in the extreme overclocking segment they do have it. Another area I feel lacking would be the IO Shield and I know some will indeed claim I’m picking on EVGA or its board but honestly this kind of omission in terms of quality is just really odd especially for a top-tier board.

Performance, I can say WOW!!! The board flat-out flies, Classified has always been about performance and pushing the envelope and this board delivers when pushing the clocks. The efficiency and performance picks up and just makes the board go. The board does what it should and does it well add to this the ability to run 4 Way CrossfireX or SLI and you can see that the performance party has started and the Classified is on the VIP list.

In conclusion I can say that EVGA has made a monster board and hit X99 market hard with a board that is likely going to be hitting HWBOT very hard in the coming months and with some BIOS updates who knows this could be the next benchmarking champion ready to steal the world record and your loyalty.

The Pro’s:Cons
  • Awesome looks
  • Well developed UEFI
  • up to 4 Way GPU compatible
  • M.2 PCIe Gen 3 X4 support
  • Gaming Grade Core3D audio
  • Plenty of CPU power potential
  • excellent overclocked performance
  • awesome looking board
  • PCIe Disable switches
  • 6 Pin PCIe supplemental power connector
  • Stock performance is a bit lacking
  • No WiFi
  • IO Shield is not up to top tier Quality
  • only 6 SATA Cables included
Introduction - EVGA X99 Classified EVGA is one of those brands we have all seen come up and become a very strong force in the graphics card market and even motherboards. Their history is a bit of a roller coaster ride starting with NF series Nvidia chipset boards which no doubt had their fair share of issues finally eclipsing with the 790i which thankfully is when EVGA was able to offer intel chipset boards. With that they also picked up Peter Tan AKA Shamino and his engineering and overclocking knowledge made for some real magic with…

Review Overview

Performance - 8.5
Value - 9
Quality - 8.5
Features - 8.5
Ijnnovation - 9


The EVGA X99 Classified is a extreme board ready for someone to push its limits and the performance shows when in capable hands!

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