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MSI Radeon R9 290X Gaming

Our Final Thoughts

AMD made a card/GPU that is nary impossible to keep cool by their own solution so it took some ingenuity from their board partners to make it happen. I feel sad that any GPU manufacturer would ever drop the job onto the partners like this but at the same time for the sake of gamers and enthusiasts I am glad companies like MSI are around to do the job right.

MSI Twin Frozr IV cooler keeps thermals well within control and gives a nice stable and quiet experience compared to how the 290X was released in stock form.

The Afterburner software is a proven and powerful tool ready to take the card to its limits now if we can just get the voltage control figured out and this card would be a home run, but presently its more of a 3 base hit. Lets hope MSI can come thru soon and correct the silly voltage issue and this will be a home run!

For pricing I must say that in light of the recent “Gold Rush” of crypto currencies any of the value aspect is kind of out the window in regards to pricing since everyone is gouging the prices to take advantage of the recent run on AMD GPUs as mining cards. Once again something that hurts the scoring for AMD GPUs as it simply puts the card in a price category higher than it performs.

  • Strong Performance
  • Twin Frozr Cooler Design
  • Strong Military Class VRM Design
  • Plenty of display connectivity
  • Quiet operation even when overclocked
  • Cool running even under overclock loading
  • UEFI and Standard BIOS
  • New Beta afterburner allowing full voltage control will soon be public!
  • Not much overclocking headroom
  • Voltage control function/Checkbox does not work.
MSI Radeon R9-290X Gaming We have seen many MSI custom PCB or fully custom PCB or even just custom cooled cards and they always impress with some very nice temps along with looking pretty awesome as well. The gaming series carries the Red/Black theme with a custom Twin Frozr model cooler and offers usually a nice overclock with some really good gaming performance to offer some amazing framerates for the end-user. The card we have today needs no introduction as the R9-290X from AMD made a big splash when it entered the market…

Review Overview

Performance - 8.5
Value - 8
Quality - 9
Features - 9
Innovation - 8.5


MSI did a great job on the R9-290X Gaming card and when they fix the GPU voltage control issue it will be amazing however until this mining craze is over the value aspect will be lost as prices are moving to unsettling levels.

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