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Steelpad QcK+ Mouse Pad

The Steelpad QcK+ is a huge cloth mouse pad that was designed to ensure maximum precision while aiming during gaming. With its non-slip rubber base, it’s sure to stay in place while you get your frag on. Check out our complete review.


We review all kind of stuff here at Bjorn3D, but I cannot remember us reviewing very many mouse pads before. Let’s admit it, in our quest to improve our computers, a lot of us probably forget about the mouse pad and still use one of the cheap ones that came with the computer or none at all.

If you lift your eyes a bit though, you’ll quickly see that there is a huge market out there, mainly amongst gamers, for mouse pads that allow the gamers to get the best sensitivity possible. Steelpad is a company that has a great reputation for their mouse pads. Their main products are various mouse pads in steel. I’ve tried a few, and they are really cool.

The mouse pad I am reviewing today is however made out of a completely different material. The Steelpad QcK+ is not only a mouse pad made of thin cloth, it is also a huge mouse pad.

The Mouse Pad

• XXL sized cloth mouse pad – your mouse will never slip off!
• ideal for low sensitivity mouse settings
• compatible with all mice
• specially designed non-slip rubber base
• 450mm x 400mm / 17,7in x 15,7in

When the mouse pad arrived, I was a bit confused. Instead of a flat large package I got a long thin rectangular package. How on earth could a mouse pad fit in there? I quickly got the answer; it was rolled together like a poster.

Look at this huge mouse pad

Un-rolling the mouse pad, I quickly noticed its size. As you can see from the specs above, it is huge!  The mouse pad is made from a thin cloth material that feels very smooth. Since it is so thin, it doesn’t get any wrinkles and even though the mouse pad had been rolled together in the package for a long time, it was perfectly flat when I rolled it out.

Using the Mouse Pad
One thing that worried me was that the mouse pad actually was a bit too large for my desktop. While I could get more space on the sides, I had limited space between the edge of the desk and the base of the second monitor. I didn’t have to be worried though. The material is so thin it perfectly drapes itself over any uneven surface. As you can see from the images, the mouse pad sits perfectly on the desk even if the end is lying on the base of the monitor.

Notice how the mouse pad is draped
over the base of the monitor
The surface is very smooth, and every mouse I’ve tried on it glides perfectly. I’m not sure what they’ve done, but I’m not sure you really need any new improved skates (the small glide-thingys on the base of the mouse) when using this mouse pad.

Close-up on the surface

The whole base of the mouse pad is covered with a non-slip rubber base, and during the months I’ve tried it, I have never once had any issues with it slipping.
To test it, I used the Microsoft Optical Mouse By S+Arck (Reviewed here: This is the mouse I use at work, and a mouse that I have grown to like a lot. The reason I wanted to test it with the mouse pad is that it has an irritating tendency where the mouse cursor starts to wander by itself, and you have to lift the mouse to get it to stop.

Another close-up
Amazingly, this irritating behavior completely vanished when I started using this mouse pad. When I switched back to a couple of other regular mouse pads, it started to happen again so it is clear the Steelpad QcK+ is working great together with this mouse.
I also like the fact that the mouse pad is so big. With smaller mouse pads, I’ve found that I often have to lift the mouse because I suddenly am at the edge of the pad, but this has so far never happened with this pad.
Most of my testing was done using the computer for various office situations. Since I work a lot in Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Freehand, Acrobat, and Photoshop, I need a mouse/mouse pad combination that allows me to do a lot of precise movements with the cursor.  As expected, the Steelpad QcK+ really works well for these programs.
I also used it for some FPS gaming, and as you might expect, I need every bit of sensitivity. Since I am not a hardcore FPS gamer, I cannot really claim to feel the subtle difference between this pad and any other gaming mouse pads, but for a person like me, the mouse pad really worked well. I had no issues in rotating quickly, and the movement felt very smooth.

Last but not least, since the pad is so thin, it was very comfortable for my wrist. I’ve had other mouse pads where I’ve gotten sore on my wrist where it is placed on the edge of the mouse pad, but I had none of those issues here.


The only negative I can say about this mouse pad is that it is huge. Other than that, it is a great mouse pad that is worth every cent it costs. Speaking about the cost you can get it from Steelpad directly for $19.95 + shipping or use any of the listed retailers on their website. I didn’t think I could get this impressed over a simple mouse pad, but I will actually get myself a second one ASAP so I can use one at home also.


+ Huge!
+ Doesn’t slide at all
+ Very thin
+ Mice slide very well on the surface
+ Works with all kind of mice


– Huge!

This mouse pad deserves the Golden Bear Award!

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