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Bjorn3D NVIDIA Driver chat log

This is the chatlog from the chat with Ujesh Desai, Director of Software Product Marketing and Nick Triantos, Director of OpenGL Software from NVIDIA. A huge appology for the broken chatlog that I posted yesterday. It was 4 AM and I forgot that the names wouldn’t be visible since they were in . It has been fixed now. [00:55] Ok guys [00:55] It’s almost time [00:55] Some info how this will work [00:55] okay – let’s talk about something fun in the meantime… [00:55] As you all notice you are all sileneced. [00:55] football season is right around the corner… [00:55] Except Derek from NVIDIa …. [00:55] The mods and NVIDIA people will be able to speak [00:55] we have raiders fans…eagles fans…seahawks fans….and the Bills. [00:56] Ehum …. [00:56] Ok K-state over Nebraska by 25 so Hara loses 50.00 [00:56] Send all questions to Bantha or SwedBear and we will ask them [00:56] * Curious-ATI-Guy has left #bjorn3d [00:57] Before we start Scott has some info about something nice [00:57] Shane is here to Bjron [00:57] Go ahead Scott [00:57] Ok Since this is my NVIDIA’s and my little party I have some things for you. [00:58] I am going to give away some prizes. [00:59] 1 BFG 5900, 1 Gainward 5900, 1 XFX 5600 256MB and a nForce 2 Board from NVIDIA [00:59] I will announce who I am giving these to at the end of the chat [00:59] The winners will be decide on by me on the most meaning full questions [01:00] Ok, time to start [01:00] To those just coming in – send questions to me, Shane or Bantha [01:00] First off, hello all from nVidia and viewers! [01:00] to, not from! [01:01] LEts start with a little presentation Nick and Ujesh [01:01] nv_nick? [01:01] Uj is typing… [01:02] Hey everyone we’re here from NVIDIA to answer any questions you have over the next 1 hr. [01:02] BTW – Uj and Nick. When you are done with a question just type “Fone” so we know we can move on [01:02] Done [01:02] Greets all, for those who don’t know me, I’m Nick Triantos, I work in the software group at NVIDIA [01:02] done [01:02] πŸ™‚ [01:02] fone [01:02] there are some others from NVIDIA here… [01:03] Feel free to present those to Derek πŸ™‚ [01:03] I should introduce myself also. I’m Ujesh Desai and I work in Software Marketing [01:03] done [01:03] Hey guys. I’m Ben de Waal. I also work in the software group. [01:04] Question: We’ll start easy: What does the Nvidia mean? Or is it just abstract? [01:04] πŸ™‚ (the tough Q’s one will come ..) [01:04] 3,0 so here in the room we have Ben – director of windows graphics; nick – director of opengl softwrae; ujesh – director of software product management [01:05] That’s a tough question – NVIDIA is the combination of in and video [01:05] which is what you are with 3d graphics – in video – nvidia. [01:05] there are many other “definitions” but that is the “true ” definition [01:06] done [01:06] Let’s start talk about drivers and driver development [01:06] When are the Det 5’s coming and will they support 9x/me? [01:07] 9,0 We have new set of drivers coming out soon, but the next big set of drivers will come out this fall and will support 9x/me/xp, etc [01:07] done [01:07] 3,0sorry about the color [01:07] done [01:07] Which API does nVidia focus on more? OGL or D3D? Which of the 2 do nVidia products do best on, in terms of performance and compatibilty? [01:08] We focus on both, actually, both driver teams are pretty balanced as far as how many people we’ve got… [01:08] And we share a bunch of the code between D3D and OpenGL as well. [01:08] done [01:08] When will OpenGL 2.0 support be enabled in NVIDIA drivers? And if so, at the release of OpenGL 2.0, will full support for fragment and vertex shaders extensions be enabled? [01:08] πŸ™‚ [01:08] so that’s how it works… [01:09] “OpenGL 2.0” is a term that one of the other vendors uses, but right now, the only thing there is is OpenGL 1.4 + a bunch of extensions… [01:09] We will support all of the extensions as soon as we can. [01:09] when new drivers for nForce2 chipset are comming out and what we can expect new in those drivers [01:09] The big new feature is the shading language , and we’re working on that support now. We’ll be talking about that a lot more at SIGGRAPH next week. [01:10] done [01:10] how much of a fragmentshader performance can we expect from the drivers??( converting instructions to fx12/fp16 where possible)as this is not an easy task [01:10] can we come back to the nForce2 question a bit later? [01:11] We’re doing a lot of work there, actually. You’ll see some great perf improvements in the next driver we release [01:12] There are a lot of other optimizations, other than just converting instructions (which we don’t do, actually) [01:12] done [01:12] When making driver sets, what are some of the MOST critical elements you try to work on? Performance? Compatibility? And how do you tweak them both to get the best maximum output? [01:12] We focus on compatibility first, but performance comes a very close second. [01:13] We do a ton of testing to make sure it works before we make sure it works fast [01:13] done [01:13] Ati is moving from a 6 week driver release schedule to a 4 week driver release schedule. Does nVidia plan to speed up their official driver releases or issue some kind of schedule? [01:13] Internally, we have a set of standards for compatibility and quality that we always test against. (in response to the previous question) [01:14] done [01:14] What is your defense on the OMEGA-driver issue? ATI seems have no problems and many users say that the OMEGA drivers have worked better than NVIDIAΒ’s own drivers? [01:14] We release the new drivers when we have a complete update that passes our internal tests. [01:14] done [01:15] sorry, slipped on the enter key [01:15] What is your defense on the OMEGA-driver issue? ATI seems have no problems and many users say that the OMEGA drivers have worked better than NVIDIAΒ’s own drivers? [01:15] no prob, ujesh is typing an answer now. [01:15] (oops derek) [01:16] that’s a great question – as there has been alot of banter about this out there… [01:16] (he’s a slow typist) πŸ˜‰ [01:16] Although we cannot discuss the situation in detail, we do want to provide some clarification to NVIDIA’s position on 3rd party developed drivers. We do, as active members of the 3D community, understand the need and popularity of 3rd party drivers but we have been reluctantly forced into taking this action. However this action is limited to a single occurrence and does not represent a company policy as to future thrid party drivers. [01:17] After reports of instability stemming from the third party drivers, we requested the drivers be removed from the website distributing them. The fact that this was being reported to us at NVIDIA implied that the drivers were not clearly marked as non NVIDIA and non official drivers and users were understandably upset that we were not taking action with respect to these drivers. [01:18] (still typing more) [01:18] Only the drivers which users had complained about were asked to be removed from the website and we also asked for our logo to be removed to ensure that end users were not confused as to the origin of the drivers and subsequently the risk involved with using them. [01:18] done (ouch my fingers hurt….) [01:18] ) [01:18] Are the latest video card drivers going to benefit the older series of cards at all or is all the “tweaks” going to be towards the FX series [01:19] nick is answering [01:19] A lot of the work is FX-specific, but there are definitely many new things we’re figuring out that still help out all the GeForce cards, and even sometimes for TNT2. [01:19] done [01:19] (obviously, stuff like shader optimization is an exception, but things like texture placement, etc. help all) [01:20] done [01:20] (really done) [01:20] πŸ˜‰ [01:20] HL2 … FSAA [01:20] What’s teh deal? [01:20] the [01:21] ben is typing [01:21] I’d like to send a shout out to all the ATI marketing guys here with us today. [01:21] LOL [01:21] πŸ™‚ [01:21] The game is not shipping yet. We are working with the Valve guys to produce the best experience we can. [01:21] Actaully I know of 3 that here [01:22] who [01:22] done [01:22] So you are confident that you will be able to find a solution? [01:22] You can send your resumes to [email protected]. πŸ™‚ [01:22] I think we should ahve a NVIDIA vs ATI CS/UT2k3 match πŸ˜‰ [01:22] I am. We have a great relationship with those guys and I am confident we’ll sort it out. [01:22] dnoe [01:23] that’s french for done [01:23] :-|| [01:23] bring it! [01:23] please delete carries response [01:23] done. [01:22] next question [01:22] hahhaha [01:22] Back to the OMEGA issue. Basically what you said is that the reason you stopped their work is because their drivers were unstable? WOuldn’t it ahve been better to work with them as ATI does? [01:24] Look all, it’s really hard to mix and match pieces that weren’t designed to all work together perfectly. Our poor QA guys haven’t slept since May 11, things like the Omega drivers just make a lot of extra combinations, that are really hard to test. [01:24] We do still talk to those guys, though. [01:24] done [01:24] What aspect will the new drivers be aimed at. What main aspect improvement are they hoping to improve ? [01:25] We are fixing some bugs that were found in 44.03, we’ve got additional shader performance, and we’ve added some features for Media Center. [01:25] done [01:26] Ok, since time is running lets move to opimizations [01:26] and bugs [01:26] AF in UT2k3 with 44.03 drivers? What is happening? [01:26] time is not running out ….take your time. [01:26] Derek: you should see my lsit of questions and the amount of chatwindos wanting my attention πŸ™‚ [01:26] We’ll get back to drivers again soon [01:27] We do think there is a problem, and we are still investigating. [01:27] done [01:28] So it’s not an intentional optimization but a bug IYHO [01:28] so far it looks like a bug [01:28] done [01:29] My question to nvidia: Until a few months ago I used a Gainward RIVA TNT2 M64 card. Everytime I updated my drivers I was impressed on how they always improved performance. Considering that the g-force is considerably newer than the Riva,how did you guys managed to come up with a driver that would fit both the newest technology of the g-force with the old Riva specs? [01:29] The games are really complex, and when we do performance analysis, we learn a lot about how the application programs Direct3D or OpenGL. [01:30] As a result, we’re usually able to make our optimizations apply across all of our chips… The joy of UDA! πŸ™‚ [01:30] done [01:30] Does NVIDIA publicly recognize application-specific “optimizations” as being valid in driver code? If so, how do these optimizations differ from general tweaks? [01:31] nick is replying [01:31] Yes, we do optimize applications to get the best performance we can, and to deliver the best experience to you guys, the users. It’s common for GPU manufacturers to optimize shaders and code for major apps. [01:31] still typing [01:32] For the programmable shaders like we have today, there can be substantial perf differences between optimized and unoptimized code. [01:32] done [01:32] What has the internal atmosphere been in the driver department since the public derision of the latest “optimizations?” [01:32] We’re drinking a lot more these days… πŸ™‚ [01:33] πŸ™‚ [01:33] :)~ [01:33] πŸ™‚ [01:33] The atmosphere is great! We’re really busy, between getting drivers out to the web, and working on the next-gen features we’ve got in the works. [01:33] done [01:33] What is their feelings on the leaking of beta drivers? do they feel it helps or hinders them from releasing a good driver set? [01:34] Remember how you felt during puberty? How did you like it when your adulthood was only half-finished? πŸ™‚ [01:35] For those who have not yet hit puberty, you have a lot to look forward to. [01:35] πŸ™‚ [01:35] What an analogy!? πŸ˜‰ [01:35] woah! [01:35] Seriously, we are not happy with unfinished products hitting the streets prematurely. Its not always nice to have our new features go out early. We deal with it though [01:35] did NOT expect that! [01:35] done [01:35] How significant an impact have the events in the recent months had on the attitude and focus of both the PR and engineering departments at NVIDIA? Have the driver designers gone back and revised the majority of the Detonators’ code to remove or reimplement certain certain parts according to your new optimization guidelines? [01:35] sorry, this chat forum has now been rated “PG-13” [01:36] I thought I rated it XXX [01:36] Actually, we have made some changes in our process, going forward, I think we’re all going to be more careful about what features we put in, and how they get tested. [01:37] We’ll continue to hold ourselves to the highest standard, and still try to kick everyone else’s performance butts. [01:37] done [01:37] Your one of the few developers who also make fast drivers for Linux and FreeBSD, will this trend continue? [01:37] absolutely [01:37] yep, I have FreeBSD on my laptop right now, actually, and we do have customers using both. [01:37] done [01:38] (I should say, I’m running winxp today, but it multiboots) [01:38] 15,33,0done [01:38] I don’t think many people argue when an optimization g [01:38] gives the same IQ. LAtely with the AF in UT2k3 as well as problems with trilinear filtering in 44.03 drivers plus the issue with 3Dmark03 people are starting to suspcet all your improvements. [01:38] How will you win back the confidence of the users? [01:38] next questions [01:40] (typing…) [01:40] oops typing . . . [01:40] hard work, stringent testing, the proof will be in the product. we do understand there were bugs in 44.03. [01:41] we plan to address these and move forward and continue to release high quality drivers [01:41] done [01:41] Do you read the boards to keep abreast of the communities opinions? If so which ones? [01:42] I read, “”, need to keep abreast of community opinions there. [01:42] (j/k) [01:42] lol, wrong abreast [01:42] 3,0. seriously – the great thing about nvidia is everyone cares about what the community thinks. there are a number of sites and chat rooms that we frequently read in order to keep up. [01:43] :)) [01:43] done [01:43] Why are the drivers only WHQL certified for FX cards and not for the rest of their cards? [01:44] It takes 10 days per card to get WHQL testing completed and logs back. Our goal is to have WHQL logo for all our products [01:44] hotornot! good site to be viewing! [01:45] but because the FX products were new…we didn’t want people to have to wait, so we focused on getting these out quickly [01:45] done [01:45] In light of the success and acclaim that ATi’s beta program has brought them in the community have you considered implementing a similar beta program at nVidia? [01:45] Concerning Video Overlays, I am having a problem when viewing video files where they do not obey the rules by the drivers (concerning brightness, contrast, etc…) unless another window is on top of the video being played. [01:45] Oops. sorry. [01:45] Take banthas question first [01:45] stupid smiley face! [01:46] sounds like a driver bug. let us know what driver and card and we’ll fix it. [01:46] done [01:46] In light of the success and acclaim that ATi’s beta program has brought them in the community have you considered implementing a similar beta program at nVidia? [01:47] 44.03 / GF4MX & GF2MX [01:47] cool, we’ll fwd that info to the QA team [01:47] thanks [01:47] no problem! [01:47] in regards to the beta program – we are talking about this internally. [01:48] NV_Ben stated the following “We focus on compatability first, but performance comes a very close second.” Where is IQ on this priority list? Shouldn’t it be pretty high? [01:48] but nothing at this time has been defined [01:48] done [01:49] IQ is part of compatibility. it goes in first and we dont ship without it [01:49] done [01:49] ATI is very active, on a daily basis, answering questions and helping users in forums like Any change of nVidia getting more involved like that? [01:50] Feedback from the community is very important to us. That’s why here today. [01:50] done [01:50] What differences are there between NV35 and NV40 except die size and frequencies? [01:51] what’s NV40? [01:51] DONE [01:51] Do you have any comment as to the claim at the Inquirer that PS 2.0 support is broken in Nvidia drivers? ( [01:51] How often do you guys do these community Q&A sessions? [01:52] We do not comment on anything that gets posted on the Inquirer , but I will tell you that this is not true [01:52] done [01:52] How/Why the dawn demo works better on radeon 9700pro cards…. have newer seen a comment on that? [01:53] that’s a good question you should ask ATI. From our standpoint we are constantly improving the performance of our drivers [01:53] done [01:54] A quick jump back to the HL2 issue. Valve said it was a hardware problem that cannot be fixed. You still are optimistic that you’ll find a solutiuon (lots of questions about this) [01:54] hang on, derek typing [01:54] Ok [01:55] i’m getting an answer to the Dawn questions – i’ll have more shortly [01:55] done [01:55] This was JUST posted online: [01:56] [01:56] (see, we do read lots of forums) [01:56] done [01:56] (everyone checks that out) A while ago you demostrated an cool overclocking utility. Will that be released someday? [01:57] Just a quick note. Check your messages people I have sent the winners of todays drawings a message!! [01:57] where’s my prize? πŸ™‚ [01:57] We got a lot of great feedback on the overclocking tool, and this is something we will release once it’s packaged up and ready. [01:57] done [01:57] How much working time during the week is spent playing games? [01:57] I can beta test it …. if I was runing a NVIDIA card πŸ˜‰ [01:58] or is that considered work? [01:58] (we refuse to answer that question – for fear that our bosses my be monitoring this chat…) [01:58] πŸ™‚ [01:58] battlefield 1942 sounds like work to me. [01:58] Planetside rocks! [01:58] πŸ™‚ [01:58] [ahem – lunch time frag] [01:59] NV_Carrie: yup. Planetside rocks! [01:59] So we don’t forget it: nForce 2 drivers that fixes bugs. Got tons of questions about that. [01:59] In case our boss is watching I don’t play any games….I work 24 hrs a day. [01:59] donr [01:59] done [01:59] hahhaha [02:00] derek is typing about nforce [02:00] we will have new nForce2 drivers to in the next couple of weeks – stay tuned! [02:00] [02:00] will nvidia encrypt their vidcard drivers in the future ? [02:01] :)) [02:01] done [02:01] next? [02:01] Will nVidia be pursuing better performance out of dual channel DDR technology (as seen in nForce 2mobo’s) or is the future going to be single channeled and higher frequency (as some reports say gives better performance)? [02:02] Will nVidia be pursuing better performance out of dual channel DDR technology (as seen in nForce 2mobo’s) or is the future going to be single channeled and higher frequency (as some reports say gives better performance)? [02:02] sorry [02:02] hang on, typing . . . [02:02] We’re looking at both and will bring to markett whatever will deliver the fastest gaming platform [02:02] done [02:03] Are there any big innovations going on? Like dual core gpu’s, multipel gpu’s per card, Yellowstone (XDR) memory technology and so on. [02:04] We’re innovating daily here at NVIDIA – and if I told ya what we were working on – we’d have to…well you know the rest [02:04] done [02:04] How has your view of the competitive landscape changed in the past year, and how has that influenced driver development? In what ways do you think it will affect priorities and evolution of drivers going forward? [02:04] Oops, actually wrong question but what the heck [02:04] My copy/paste didn’t work πŸ™‚ [02:05] Our views don’t change even if our competition does…we continue to focus on compatibility, IQ and performance [02:05] done [02:06] Why aren’t any of your cards built With the graphics chip on the other side of the PCB? since the FX5800 we’ve been seing that cooling is of major importance. wouldn’t it make a big difference to make the chip on the other side since it would have a lot more room with “fresh” air? [02:07] You can’t guarantee what’s on the other side of the PCB… Might be a CPU heatsink, might be a power supply, etc. [02:07] done [02:07] Hidden behind all problems with actual drivers (stability and “cheating” optimizing and so on) stays problems with nVIdia TVouts and offered options for TVouts . Are there any plans to more improve future driver support and control panel options in this area ? [02:08] uj is typing [02:08] This is a focus area for us. You’ll see new flicker filter controls, overscan, etc. TV Out quality is important to us. [02:08] done [02:08] Why isn’t possible to upgrade GPUs? Is there some technical limitation that it cannot use a ZIF socket or just not possible to upgrade a GPU? (remember Rendition) [02:09] One of the problems is we’re constantly also improving things like the RAM on the board, and the board design, so just changing the GPU might not give the best experience. [02:09] done [02:09] We’ve got reports of 41.xx+ drivers causing dvd playback problems on cards like Geforce 3 ti 200 and give messages telling the user that their TV out is having problems, but when the user reverts to before 41.xx the problem is gone. The user also contacted his card maker VisionTek which told him the only way to get rid of the problem would be for Nvidia to make new BIos for the cards, do you plan to accommadate those customers by doing this? [02:11] sounds like it could be a driver bug. send us your system specs and we can try and repro [02:11] done [02:11] Would it be possible for Nvidia to set up a bug tracking system like Bugzilla, where more advanced users can report driver bugs directly to them? [02:12] sure its possible – and this, along with the beta program, we are looking into [02:12] done [02:12] how about a changelog for new released drivers that highlight changes. I understand that there exists major new features, but how about a more detailed log such as “Fixed problem in XXXXX game”, etc.? [02:12] of course you can always email us directly if you find bugs [02:13] Great idea. This is something we were looking in to. Sounds like you see value in this. [02:13] done [02:13] Back to hardware upgrading issue, would it be possible to allow graphics cards to have expandable RAM, like motherboards? If not, why? [02:13] Does compatability really = IQ? That doesn’t seem right. They are two completely different things right? [02:13] bantha first. [02:14] The problem is the same as upgrading the GPU. it is really hard to match impedence properly on these high speed devices [02:15] about shane’s question, for those out there that don’t know what IQ is, explain. [02:15] especially through sockets or through different clocks. [02:15] IQ is a big piece of compatibility, though it’s certainly not the whole thing. Sorry if this was misleading, we’re trying to type fast to get through more q’s. If we change image quality, we investigate why it happened, and if it changed because of a mistake, it’s a bug that we fix. (iQ == image quality) [02:15] please [02:15] done [02:15] done [02:15] Certain FX 5900 ultra users reports strange noises from their pcΒ’s when scrolling/resizing windows/maximize, etc. This only happens with NVIDIA drivers, windows default = no noise. I would like to know if this is going to be fixed or not, thanks πŸ™‚ [02:16] I find that after I eat too much BBQ, I also hear strange noises. Could be related. [02:16] Sure you don’t mean to much beans … πŸ™‚ [02:16] (hang on for real answer) [02:17] Seriously, please send us an email to report the problem and we’ll do our best to help [02:17] hahahahaah… is nick one of the most sarcastic guys at NVIDIA? [02:17] sounds like nick had bbq for lunch today…. [02:17] hahahhha [02:17] done [02:17] Why haven’t updated the stereo drivers since 30.87 when offers both 43.03 and 44.03 stereo drivers/control panels? [02:17] No, but I eat lots of BBQ [02:17] We know its out of date. Working on it. [02:17] done [02:17] Why does nVidia feel they have to spend time optimizing benchmark programs (that do NOT directly benefit the consumer) instead of spending their time optimizing games? [02:18] hang on, typing… [02:19] we spend most of our time optimizing for games – but unfortunately our pc manufacturers make a lot of decisions based on these bmarks. [02:19] What is nvidia’s plan for PCI Express in the future? Many people are wondering when they will no longer be able to simply upgrade their AGP graphics cards because no more will be made. [02:19] that is why we are big fans of games with bmarks. [02:19] done [02:19] Within the video card section, what areas do you think will be focused on in the future? Aside from pixel shaders, and the like, and the ever increasing MHz increase, is there a part of the subsytem that can be focused on to achieve better performance? [02:21] We havn’t announced any PCI Express products yet – but we will support PCI Express when it comes to market [02:21] done [02:21] Within the video card section, what areas do you think will be focused on in the future? Aside from pixel shaders, and the like, and the ever increasing MHz increase, is there a part of the subsytem that can be focused on to achieve better performance? [02:21] one sec, ben typing [02:22] No prob. [02:22] There are lots of places to make improvements. Higher clocks, more memory, more bandwidth, wider busses, etc, etc. We’re evaluating them all to find the best next generation products [02:22] done [02:22] How do you guys optimize for games? Do you just optimize for dx and opengl or do you “dig” on the game itself looking for solutions? [02:22] What is NVIDIAs e-mail adress for reporting bugs? Didn’t find one when I needed one badly… [02:23] [email protected] [02:23] We defintiely do look at specific games when we optimize. We look at how it programs Direct3D or OpenGL in great detail, and try to make sure that those paths in our driver are always as fast as possible. [02:24] Dusk and Dawn are great demos, will this character still be in future demos, either way, any hints what kind of demos are coming for next generations cards (eye candy wise and category)? [02:24] or (click on support) [02:26] You’re right Dusk and Dawn are great. Still working on the next gen demos. [02:26] done [02:26] Dusk and Dawn are great demos, will this character still be in future demos, either way, any hints what kind of demos are coming for next generations cards (eye candy wise and category)? [02:26] oops [02:26] Double [02:26] if/ when nvidia introduces pci express products, will they be able to hook up together like the voodoo 2 [02:26] If / when nvidia introduces pci express products, will they be able to hook up together like the voodoo 2 [02:27] We can’t comment on unannounced products, sorry. [02:27] done [02:27] FWIW – Dave Bauman over at Beyond3D has investigated the UT2k3 issue and found that when you rename a test application to ut2k3.exe it goes bilinera.r You should check the threads out. (no Q) [02:27] How much effort at nVidia driver dept is spent optimizing for previous gen cards vs current gen vs next-gen (unreleased)? e.g. Ti4xxx vs FX5xxx vs NV40? Do we older users still get some time-slice, or is older stuff just tucked away unless a major bug is found? [02:28] Lots of the clever stuff we figure out helps all the parts, like I mentioned before. Stuff like where we place textures, etc. So sure, we do spend time on all the parts. … [02:28] When we do find something for, say, FX5900, we do also look to see if we can help out other parts with a comparable optimization [02:28] done [02:28] Is Nvidia doing anything to enable AA in Splinter Cell (and, as we’ve recently learned, Half-Life 2) in future cards? Also, will Nvidia include AA gamma-correction in the future? [02:28] (you answered HL2 but what about Splinter Cell)? [02:30] Ok it is about time to rap things up [02:30] Actually, the AA effect was disabled at the request of the developer, there’s a glow effect that would look wrong in AA mode (the game was originally designed for Xbox where they weren’t using AA). … [02:30] You can see AA modes in some other vendors’ products, but you’ll also see artifacts in the glow effects. [02:31] For more on this issue, check out the UbiSoft support page. [02:31] done [02:31] [02:31] What are your upcoming strategies to stay competitive with your biggest competitor in the 3d gaming market ATI? [02:31] last questions [02:32] We work really hard to make our products the best, by working on the chips, the software, and working directly with developers. Dunno what else I can say about it. [02:32] done [02:32] last q? [02:33] anyone… [02:33] let you have it Swed [02:33] anyone…. [02:33] bueller [02:33] hahahah Ferris fan I see! [02:33] Will you continue to push CG even if the industry adopts a non-propietary HLSL standard? [02:34] Actually, Cg is not proprietary, it runs on several of our competitors parts already. We will support any standard that applications want us to support. [02:34] done [02:34] OK guys [02:34] A huge thanks for NVIDIA to come here and asnwer questions [02:34] I think we’re done here today, I would like to thank everyone for attending the chat, look forward to talking to you guys next time. [02:35] It was fun!!!!! [02:35] I am sorry we couldn’t ask all your questions [02:35] for me too. Now, time to go get me some more BBQ. [02:35] And then check out again. [02:35] Thanks! [02:35] πŸ™‚ [02:35] I talked to Carrie and she told me we can send over the left-over questions to NVIDIA for answers [02:35] no beans for you! [02:35] g’nite all [02:35] Goodnight [02:35] night! [02:35] see ya [02:36] Later guys [02:36] I will soon open up the room for chatting again [02:36] stick around, idle a bit πŸ™‚

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