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Jetway HD2900XT

The first retial HD2900XT we review, does not dissapoint. Great performace, a good price and some cool new features makes this a good chocie for the enthusiast. A voucher for Valve’s Black Box also helps.

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HD2000 – The First GPU’s Under the AMD Name

The HD2000 series of GPU’s is a first for AMD in many ways. It is their first GPU’s they release after they bought ATI. It is their first GPU’s with DX10 support and it is their first GPU’s with an unified shader architecture. We have taken some time to examine …

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Foxconn 8600 GTS

The 8600 GTS’s release has brought the DirectX 10 to the mainstream buyers. This new card from NVIDIA is not just a cut down version of its big brother, the 8800. Rather, it has packed a few extra features which are not found in the 8800. Check out our review …

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Vantec NexStar LX

As we get more and more computers in our homes, the need for a simple solution for sharing files amongst them increases. The Vantec NexStar LX is a NAS-solution that offers the basic features for a low price.

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SteelSound 3H Headset

Whether a frequent LAN goer or the family computer happens to share the bedroom, there are plenty of reasons why a good quality headset might be needed. 105mm Howitzer fire going off at 1am on a Monday morning with your window wide open and your neighbor’s bedroom about ten feet …

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CoolIT Systems PCI Cooling Booster

Need additional cooling on your expansion cards? If so, check out our review on the CoolIT Systems PCI Cooling Booster. This little 80mm fan mounts above the PCI expansion slot to offer additional cooling to the area where cooling is usually not as readily available as other components. Check out …

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Dude, where’s my data?

For recovering from annoying glitches to complete meltdowns, I’ll show you some good habits to keep and share when it comes to protecting yourself from data loss.

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Ultra 850VA UPS

Computer hardwares are dedicated pieces of electronic which should definitely be treated with a great care. A computer should always be plugged into an UPS so when there’s a power outage, the important data will have a few minutes to be safely saved and the system can be shut down …

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Sans Digital Synology DS-107

Need more spaces where you can save your data and share them with other computers on your network? If so, then you must check out our review on the Synology’s DS-107, a network attached server (NAS), which not only server as an external storage but also serve as a multimedia …

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PowerColor X1950 PRO SCS3

Without a doubt, this is one of the best performing passively cooled cards that I have reviewed so far. Taking this very popular RV570 chip and slapping on Accelero S2 silent cooling system was a spot on move. Although the clocks are lowered just a bit, PowerColor X1950 PRO SCS3 …

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XFX 8600GTS & 8600GT XXX Editions!

XFX decided the stock 675mhz core, 1,450mhz shader, and 1,000mhz (Remember that is 2,000mhz effective) memory was to simply far to paltry and is launching their “XXX” Edition 8600GTS with factory overclocks of 730mhz on the core, 1566mhz shaders, and a whopping 1,130mhz (2,260mhz effective) memory clockspeed!

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  Today it is our extreme pleasure to share with you our findings on a 680i LT SLI motherboard that is being marketed by an NVIDIA® partner that certainly needs no introduction, XFX. From our rather extensive experience reviewing XFX Graphics solutions we’ve seen their corporate philosophy transcend from merely …

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