SilverStone ST1200-PTS Platinum PSU Review


The ST1200-PTS is an extremely ambitious power supply. Seeing the device in person most buyers will be amazed by just how small it really is. For small form factor builders the ST1200-PTS is the king of the micro world currently. Plain and simple no other PSU can produce this much power with such small dimensions. The overall design and innovation of the device are top-notch. Once again SilverStone has one-upped themselves in making a smaller and more powerful PSU than previous generations. I am giving the ST1200-PTS the Gold Award for being a rule maker in the PSU industry, not a rule breaker. With this PSU SilverStone has set the current world standard for what can be done in such a small form, and that deserves recognition and acknowledgment. Even though the ST1200-PTS falls the slightest bit short on power output, we send a huge congratulations to SilverStone for staying true to their mission and producing a very impressive piece of game-changing hardware.

  • 80+ Platinum Efficiency
  • Worlds smallest kilowatt PSU
  • Fully Modulated
  • Flat ribbon cables
  • TYPICAL EFFICIENCY (50% Load): 92.50%
  • Unable to deliver a true 1200w output
  • Slightly premium cost ($260) when compared to similar devices

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