ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha – ASUS Takes Threadripper to The Next Level

Here we will run some targeted benchmark tests to gauge the raw performance/calculation speed of the CPUs.


SuperPi is a very popular program for testing single threaded performance by calculating digits of Pi. You run it by setting the length of the test and the score is time-based at the end. Performance is judged by how quickly it can complete the task you assign.


Single threaded performance as you can expect is not a strong point especially with a 32 Core CPU which is bound to have a much lower overall clockspeed.  That coupled with Intel’s higher IPC thus far keeps the SuperPi results unimpressive and even downright bad in comparison to the 2990WX.



WPrime is very similar to SuperPi but is a multithreaded program which you can assign the number of threads that work on the problem and you get a time-based result on how long it took for the CPU to crunch through the task you assign.


Now that we have the Zenith Extreme Alpha, the 2990WX can really properly stretch its legs without the issues we had with the 1st gen Gigabyte board. Here WPrime can take full advantage of all of the cores and threads a platform can offer. The 2990WX has 64 threads and when you set that the short 32m test actually takes long enough to initialize that many threads that reducing the test core counts would make it score better and quicker.

Upping to the longer 1024 test and we see a result that is the best we have seen by an insane margin. The 2990WX Equipped Zenith Extreme Alpha pulls a WPrime 1024 run at a sub-30-second result which is a place normally reserved for multi-socket server platforms. Mind you this is with no overclock and box stock clocks. Overclocked it gets closer to 25 seconds which you will see in a couple of pages.


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