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MSI GTX 1660 Ti Gaming X – Turing Without The RTX.


Overclocking the new Turing Series cards are very similar to 10 series but there have been some improvements in how the boost works in version 4 over version 3 which was on Pascal. We discussed this earlier in the features section.

The MSI GTX 1660 Ti Gaming X was interesting since I did not want to mess with fan settings and I wanted to test it like any user may who would just jump in Afterburner to explore.

Pushing the GPU I was able to get 100% stable +122 GPU which when reaching steady state hit 2055MHz (stock: 1860MHz boost steady state) that is about a 10% increase.

The memory I was able to achieve +1612 fully stable which translates to 7613 or 15,226MHz effective. (Stock: 6000MHz – 12000MHz Effective) an approximate 21% overclock. This was quite impressive and shows that while its not the very best memory clock rate we have achieved on Turing cards, it is not bad at all as it is 12Gbps spec modules.

Time Spy showed a graphics score increase of a little under 8% with the overclock.

Time Spy Extreme showed a graphics score increase of a little over 8% with the overclock.

So, while the GPU on the MSI GTX 1660 ti Gaming X is pre-overclocked, it definitely has more room to play if you are willing to spend maybe 10 minutes tuning it in. The gains are well worth the small amount of time it took to find optimal clocks and I imagine it would probably take you into 1070 beating territory on almost everything at that point.

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  1. Is this a paid advert?
    Sure it’s good but notice not a single AMD card in your benchmarks, why?
    It clearly obliterates an RX590 but pricing is an issue here, for me.
    Taking the UK as an example, the MSI Ventus 1660ti is £260. The Vega56 Pulse from Sapphire is £280 and has been for a while so not down to the brief price-drop AMD did.

    This card should be a direct replacement for the 1060 and therefore should be close to it in price, maybe £220-230.
    Then it makes sense.

    • Hi Tim,

      No, not a paid advertisement otherwise I would have listed it as so in both the title and the intro to the advertt.. we also would NOT mark it as a review at that point.

      We have reached out to AMD on several occasions for review sample support on GPUs and have yet to recieve one in the past several years and with so many staff changes at AMD it has become more difficult to secure them (Reason we do not have a Radeon VII review)

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