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Corsair K68 Ultra-Durable Mechanical Keyboard Review

Corsair Utility Engine

“The K68 is one of the many peripherals that uses the powerful CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE). The software will allow gamers to create actions such as double macros, remappable key assignments, timer countdowns, dpi adjustments, and more. The software will also allow gamers to create multiple color profiles as well as different modes that will enable separate lighting and action configurations based on the game or application. Users will be able to export and import profiles/actions/lighting to share with one another on CORSAIR forums and elsewhere so they can share and collaborate on lighting schemes.”  -Corsair

CUE will also give users the ability to:

  • Enable fluid and dynamic illumination with sophisticated lighting controls with supported Corsair devices
  • Construct actions and complex macros for any programmable button on supported Corsair devices to allow nearly unlimited control
  • Change the icons and background to match your desktop with the new custom user interface
  • Unify all of your Corsair gaming peripherals together in one application

The following predefined lighting effects are available on the K68:

  • Visor
  • Type Lighting (Ripple)
  • Type Lighting (Key)
  • Wave
  • Pulse
  • Rain
  • Static Brightness

And finally, the performance tab giving you control over the function of your windows lock key.

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