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AMD RX Vega Power Hungry?

AMD RX Vega Power Hungry?

Most of us have had the clue that the upcoming AMD RX Vega will be pulling more power than recent generations of AMD Video cards. Just how much they may pull might come as a shocker since the RX 400 and RX 500 series cards have flown off the shelves in droves purchased largely by virtual coin miners for their high production of hashes and low power consumption.

An MSI Marketing Director has stated: “I’ve seen the specs of Vega RX. It needs a damn lot of power. We’re working on it, which is a start so launch is coming closer 🙂” Air-cooled versions of RX Vega may use upwards of 300W with Watercooled versions running a little higher. Hopefully, this power consumption will lead to higher OCing and only during 100% usage of card resources.

The AMD RX Vega GPU is rumored to have 4096 stream processors from its 64 compute units. The current clock speed is set between 1,000MHz and 1,200MHz. AMD RX Vega has 8GB HBM RAM that has a 2048-bit bus width which should make it one beast of a GPU!

Projections have RX Vega sitting between the Nvidia GTX 1080 and GTX 1080 Ti so pricing will be crucial in this epic GPU domination battle!

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