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EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC2 Gaming iCX Review (08G‑P4‑6573‑KR)

Power, Thermals and Noise



Power Consumption we took while running MSI Kombuster and the Furry Torus at 1440p with the video cards stock speed in force.

Running full out in Kombusters (Furmark) Furry Torus we got a 307W total (Tower only) power consumption. at an idle, the system barely sips at power and ran at 74W and we found both maximum and idle power draws perfectly acceptable.


For our thermal testing, we ran MSI Kombuster at the 4K resolution for a total of 30 minutes then recorded the maximum temperature.

We got two temperature results which we know might seem a little strange but the iCX cooling solution has fans that run independently. We got 63°C with both fans kicked in which was a couple of degrees drop over maximum when the second fan kicked in.

With one fan running which looked strange at first, we got 66ºC which dropped to 63°C when the second fan came online. We have to tell you after years of watching both fans spin up it took a little getting used to seeing one spin up then the memory fan spinning up later!

New Noise

We tested the stock fan profile and at an idle it wouldn’t register on our 30dBA cutoff sound meter and was whisper quiet. We fired up MSI Kombuster at 4K resolution on Furry Torus (Furmark) and got a reading of 35.4dBA which was barely audible even on an open bed test platform and we suspect inside a case would be inaudible,

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  1. Congrats, nice review. I’m waiting for the review of the GTX 1070 FTW 2 to compare if it’s worth paying more for it

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