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In today’s digital world something as simple as a dead battery can bring our personal and work lives to a standstill.  Our lives have become dependent on our devices and intertwined with them, and as a result, something as simple as a power bank is a necessity to keep us connected and powered up.  This is where the Luxa2 TX-P2 really shines, as it is not only a power bank, but also a wireless charger.


LUXA2 was created around the principle of combining innovation with luxury elements, in order to create mobile solutions that fit and accessorize our lifestyles.

LUXA2  (luxe x accessorize)^2
A formula that stands for the commitment of modern design, a stabilizer to link fashion and casual; a solution for trendy men and women. It’s a state of mind for accessorizing modern technology with everyday gentleman and lady’s essentials.

Special thanks to LUXA2 for providing us with the TX-P2 10,000mAh battery & wireless charger to review.

Packaging and overview

The packaging that LUXA2 went with for the TX-P2 wireless charger is simple, yet elegant, with its matte black packaging with white and blue print and product picture. I found the packaging rather pleasing, and anyone who said simple couldn’t still be luxurious, elegant, and still stand out on a shelf, couldn’t be more wrong.


The front of the box informs you of the battery capacity and wireless charging capability, and provides a picture of the product and icons detailing its features .


On the back side of the TX-P2’s packaging its features are laid out in greater detail with pictures that demonstrate how to use these features.


The TX-P2 comes with a band that can be used to secure a phone to the powerbank for wireless charging or to be used as an accessory.



Included in the box is the band’s info card, a quick start guide, the TX-P2 itself, and a USB cable, along with the band wrapped around the cable.

TX-P2.10 TX-P2.9

The body of the TX-P2 is black plastic with a gray silicone rubber ring to hold your phone in place and a gray thunderbolt in the middle of the ring. The bottom has four rubber feet to keep the TX-P2 planted, as well as a specifications sticker.


The front of the TX-P2 features LED indicators for battery level and charging status, and on the back side is the power button.


The USB ports are located on the end nearest the power button and LED indicators. The TX-P2 features both a Micro-USB port and a 5V/2.1A USB port that allows for rapid charging of non-wireless charge devices.

Specifications and Dimensions

Product Name TX-P2 10000mAh Wireless Power Bank
Length: 80 mm
Width: 150 mm
Height: 20 mm
P/N PO-WPC-PCP2BK-00(Black)
Content of delivery TX-P2 x1
USB to micro-USB Cable x1
User Manual x1
Input DC 5V1.5A
Output USB Output :5V2.4A
Wireless Output : 5V1A (Qi Compatible)
Charging time 8.5 hours
Others Hybrid (Wireless Charging Pad & Power Bank)
Qi Compatible
Power Switch (Power Save)
Overload Protection
Qi Compatible Device
Google : Nexus4, Nexus5, Nexus7 II
Nokia : Lumia1520, Lumia1020, Lumia925, Lumia920, Lumia820, Lumia720
Samsung : Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note III
Motorola : MOTO X, Droid 4
HTC : Windows Phone 8X, Droid DNA
LG : Optimus G PRO
LED indicator LEDx6
Yellow : Power on/off
Blue : Wireless Charging indicator
White :4 Level Battery indicator (0~100%)
Compatibility Smartphone, Tablet, DC(Digital Camera), Gamepad
Material Plastic, Silicone
Weight 270g
Warranty 2 year

The dimensions of the LUXA2 TX-P2 are 80L x 150W x 20H (mm) at 270g, which is a tad heavier than other non-wireless chargers. Even with the extra weight, the TX-P2 can easily be carried in a large pocket and if your phone is setup for wireless charging you won’t even need to carry a cable. Just place your phone on top of the TX-P2 and secure it with the included band and you’re set to go. At first glance the TX-P2 may seem a tad oversized, however this is merely an intuitive design, considering the size is similar to most smartphones. This allows the user to easily set their phone squarely on the charger and lining up the wireless charging emitter.


For the initial charging of the TX-P2 we plugged it into our computer’s USB port and within 7 hours it indicated that it was fully charged.  This is pretty close to the advertised 8.5 hours.

On the first charge we managed to charge our Samsung Galaxy S4 from 11% to fully charged and our Sony A7 from 0% to fully charged, and did so charging them both simultaneously. Following this we hooked our pair of LUXA2 Groovy Duo wireless speakers and fully charged the two and it still had some juice left in its battery.

On the next charge we plugged in our Samsung Galaxy S4 with a 4% charge and changed it fully. We were also able to charge a Samsung Galaxy S3 from 8% to full, followed by fully charging our Sony A7 that was at 10%. After all of this, the TX-P2 was still displaying a 25% charge and still managed to charge the Groovy Duo speakers.


Award_GoldLithium polymer batteries are fairly simple compared to Lithium-ion batteries, and as result they are not as easy to predict their number of recharge cycles. This makes it nearly impossible to say how many years it will last you.

With a 10,000mAh capacity, the TX-P2 is capable of charging nearly all but the most power-hungry USB devices. Aside from all of that,  during our limited time with the LUXA2 TX-P2 we found that its performance exceeded our expectations. Its ease of use, portability and battery capacity allows it to charge any of the latest phones several times over wireless and wired, which gave it a distinct advantage over other power banks. This is largely due to the fact that the industry is moving towards wireless charging technology and the new Samsung Galaxy S6 has it built-in, making this the perfect accessory.

At first glance the price of $60 on Amazon might feel over-priced, however when you factor in that this is not just a power bank but also a wireless charging pad, the price feels like a bargain.

Pros Cons
  • Wireless Charging
  • 5V/2.1A USB charger
  • 10,000mAh
  • Does not use a Lithium-Ion battery


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