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Nvidia presents new big update for Nvidia Shield


When we saw the Nvidia Shield at CES 2012 we were pretty much blown away. A portable Android gaming-machine that also could stream PC-games? Who wouldn’t love that? While the machine itself might not have taken the world by fire it still is one serious cool piece of hardware and even better, Nvidia has kept upgrading it and making sure it gets new OS-updates and new features.

Over the last year they have not only updated the OS but also taken the PC GameStreaming out of beta + added a console-mode that allows you to hook up the Shield to a TV and then, using a separate controller (I know – this is a bit weird using a controller to control another controller), simply use it as your little portable game console that also can play PC-games. 

Now ot is time for yet another big updated and this update has some serious cool things in store for the little Shield:

  • Upgrade to Android 4.4.2 Kitkat
  • Update to the Gamepad Mapper-app that allows you to map the controls to games that only work with touch.
  • Update to GameStreaming so that you now can also use some mobile GPU:s including any Kepler based 600M, the GTX700M and the GTX 800M. This support still will be in beta.
  • Update to GameStreaming so that you now can stream your PC-games over the internet!
  • Added support for bluetooth mouse and keyboard in Console-mode.

The update to GameStreaming is the big thing with this update in our opinion. Not only will you be able to use one of the better gaming laptops now to stream games but with a good internet connection you can do it over the net! We are of course waiting for this update (which should drop on the 2nd of April) and do a big test of it and give you an idea how well it works. Luckily we should have 1000/100-fiber installed by then so that we can test it in the best possible environment. 

One last piece of update is that nvidia is working with game makers to bring optimized tegra 4-versions of games to the Shield. The first that should be released soon is the first Portal-game. 

Nvidia also has a bit promotion right now meaning you can pick it up for a mere $199. In our eyes this is a great price for a cool piece of kit. 

You can also find more Nvidia Shield accessories here at our Pricegrabber-page

Read about all the news at the Nvidia blog.

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