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Powercolor Radeon R9-270X Devil

Powercolor Radeon R9-270X Devil

powercolor_logo_200Powercolor is one of the AMD partners that you see from time to time and they are really known for such designs as the Devil series cards which really shot them into the limelight for the AMD camp about a year or so back now. Well today we have in hand a newer “Devil” based model in the R9-270X Devil. The Devil edition is always known as the extreme performance variant and this is no exception with the telltale triple fan cooler, red/black cladding and full backplate carrying the design to the upper echelon in the looks department and the performance department is no slouch either.

The R9-270X comes in at a retail price of $239.99 directly from Newegg at the time of this writing. this places it at the very top of the price stack for the 270X models which can range from around $199 for the most part. Then again as we have always seen the special edition models always can carry a price premium and well it has simply become common knowledge at this point.


Key Features

7+1+1 Phase Power Design

Powercolor has put a plenty strong VRM to power the Devil card and honestly just from the winged inductors we see which bear a strong resemblance to those we also saw on new motherboards recently they are quite capable units if they are similar model and spec. Also 7 Phase should offer more than enough power deliver for what this card could ever pull.

Powercolor R9-270X Devil14


Triple Fan Devil cooler

Powercolor pulled off the full garb here in the Devil implementation with the full Red/Black scheme with their triple fan cooler.


Powercolor R9-270X Devil5

The massive triple fan cooler is put to good use cooling the previously names 7870 GPU and with this kind of cooling we can imagine that the sky is the limit.

The fin array is fed heat from the GPU via a quad array of heatpipes to quickly move heat to the fin array and be dispelled into the chassis to be carried away with the chassis airflow.


Excellent out of the box overclock!

The Devil 270X comes with one of the highest out of the box clocks in the 270X offerings.

stk gpuz

Here you can see the boost clock setting is 1180MHz whereas the closest competition would be the Sapphire Toxic model which has a standard boost of 1150MHz boost clock so overall the Powercolor should offer an extra edge in the performance department.

However it is worth nothing that the Devil card carries a 1400MHz (5600MHz effective) memory clock while the Toxic carries a 1500MHz (6000MHz effective) memory clock which may help even up the playing field a bit. 

Unfortunately as I do not have a Toxic model to test against the Devil I can only assume on the difference from the performance angle.


Review Overview

Performance - 9.5
Value - 9.5
Quality - 9.5
Features - 9
Innovation - 8.5


The Powercolor R9-270X Devil is an amazing looking card that performs just as amazing. The value from this cards performance far overshadows any limitation.

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