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Our Final Thoughts

ASUS always finds a way to add a special twist to its GPU offerings. Whether it is a specially designed cooler, PCB or even something like the Direct Power device found on some recent cards they always find what are issues that don’t necessarily cause a huge problem but in the strive for perfection they simply cannot leave it alone and must make sure the up most potential is available.

This kind of innovation I have seen from ASUS consistently and not just with GPUs but also with Motherboard offerings via the ROG line. Now to see such things as the inclusion of a single Cooltech fan just to ensure the cooling fins to the side of the fan was being used to its fullest os really cool and just another way ASUS shows its ability to innovate and think of new ways to push the performance envelope just a little further.

The addition of the VGA Hotwire connectivity on the 780 tells me that ASUS wants to continue the ability to fully modify and push the limits of the top end products for some time to come as they push to innovate new ways to offer better performance to extreme enthusiasts. With the 8 series chipset and the introduction of the OC Panel now you have a tool that can perform the VGAHotwire control over GPUs on a remote device which means that it will be open to a lot more users rather than having it stuck only on a top end 300+ dollar board.

Anyone looking to jump into the GK110 based cards and not wanting to spend 1K on a TITAN the 780 is a great card and the ASUS model is even better with so many tweaks and so much capability just waiting to be exploited, if you’re looking for the next level in your game, you have now met it so grab one up and see what you can do.

The Pro’s:Cons
  • Strong Performance out of the box
  • ASUS DCII Cooler
  • Extreme Digital DIGI+ VRM
  • Plenty of display connectivity
  • Quiet operation even when overclocked
  • Cool running even under overclock loading
  • PCIe Power LED’s
  • Massive Overclock Potential
  • Nice Value compared to the Market
  • VGA Hotwire Connectivity
  • None Yet
ASUS GTX 780 DirectCU II OC ASUS with its top end DirectCU II cards always has its special spin and tweaks to the GPUs they create. and today we have the newest on the uber high end with the GTX 780 based model which comes packed with a full custom design, cooler and components to allow for top level performance. The GK110 Kepler Architecture When it comes to the GPU the GK110 was originally employed on powerhouse server based processing systems designed for huge calculations and other ops where a GPU can provide huge performance.  We…

Review Overview

Performance - 9.5
Value - 9.5
Quality - 10
Features - 9.5
Innovation - 9.5


The ASUS GTX 780 DCII OC is a top end card with plenty of attitude and aggressive style to wake up any gaming rig. For this it earns the Bjorn3D Golden Bear Award

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