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EVE Apocrypha

EVE Apocrypha is an ever expanding universe that gives the player multiple avenues of customizations.


Since the conception of playing Dungeons and Dragons with our friends and family, we continually find new ways to interact with other people by role playing. MMORPG (Massive Multi Online Role Playing Games) expands this alternate reality to a whole new level. Instead of finding a few people to join in on quests, we just go online log in to a MMORPG title and we can play with literally thousands of different people across the world.

EVE been around for quite a few years now, I last heard of this game about 5 or so years ago when I was playing Earth And Beyond. I played EVE off and on over the years, then just stopped playing. Apocrypha, is a new expansion to the EVE universe, adding new abilities, new ships, and added a whole new out look on this game.

EVE Apocryptha is not your every day bash and smash MMO, as we seen with so many other MMO’s can be like. The EVE Apocrypha game requires you to actually get involved with your characters persona, you can become pretty much what ever you wish to be, whether that’s a corporate CEO, or a pirate. There is no limits to what you can be become in EVE, then add on top of that an extremely large universe that seems to be limitless makes this game a definite worth while on tring it out.

Lets enter a world to where there are no limitations to which you want to become.

EVE Apocrypha awaits those pilots who want to become the best at what they want to become.


Before I continue on, these images on this page is in no particular order. These are here only to give you an idea on what the MMO of EVE Apocrypha will look like fully decked out.

EVE Apocrypha is a game that allows you to fully customize your character. From the looks, race, right down to the specific occupation you want to get into. You can even go as far as building your own space ship. Then to add to all of this you have extremely large universe. The possibilities are limitless, the only limiting factor you have, is your own limits.

Like most MMOs starting off is always hard, EVE does have a tutorial based system that gets you familiar with the games interfacing. You can access this tutorial guide anytime you need to. The game makers could have included a voice system for the tutorial system, as the text in EVE is fairly small and may be hard for those with bad eye sight to see and read.

The type of system EVE uses for your specific skills you wish to learn is a bit complicated, there are so many options, so many things to choose from, so many things to do that will easily overwhelm anyone. In EVE you can purchase skills at stations through out the EVE universe but again there are so many to choose from how can one person narrow down these types of skills. The tutorial does not go in depth in the learning of skills for your character. Another issue I had while trying to figure out the skills sets, I could not just join any corporation (guild) because most of these corporations required you be in game for 1-4 months, so trying to get a person to help out in EVE was next to impossible. Now there are people out there who will help out newbies like myself in a complicated game like EVE. Just have to be patient long enough for them to eventually bounce into you.

This is space, wide open space. I just want to go out there and start blasting things. Well as I soon found out that just not going to happen as quickly as one would think. You can’t just buy any ship buy any weapon etc. You first need the required skills (understandable) and the required money to purchase that ship. There are two ways for a new person to get money in EVE, one is missions, and the other is mining. You may want to take the mining route as this is really the safest route for new people. Really you don’t have much of a choice, the missions are few and far in between in new people land. After mining for a while and you get the required skills you need to buy a specific ship, (mind you this will take a very long time and it is in real time. You can purchase a ship, and arm it to the teeth (as best as you can for the money). Then you can go find a mission, and blow up some pirates. The control of the ships in EVE in my opinion are generic. You don’t have any real control over the space ship at all, all you can do is orbit your target and make sure your weapons stay loaded. I played free MMO based games that gave me more control over my character. You can get blown up, and if you did not purchase insurance for your ship then you are basically screwed. All that time you spent mining, and tring to get money to buy that ship was a complete waste of time. Its a real bummer when you have to go back out there and do it all over again.

You don’t actually interact with the NPCs of EVE, you use a messenger based system, Boring! The game makers could have gave EVE actual people avatars and NPCs that we can physically interact with. Or at least did a voice over messenger system to break the monotony of reading extremely small print, anything. I don’t care what just let the players have some from of control over something instead of this GENERIC point and click movement.


EVE Apocrypha is not for everyone. I have talked to a few people who play it, or have played it and they either like this game or absolutely dread this game. The graphics are amazing, and it is nice to have a game to where you can actually customize your character.

The biggest problem I face with this game is the fact it is to much like real life. If I want reality all I need to do is go upstairs, walk out the front door, and look at it. If and when I do get to sit down to play a game I don’t want to be reminded how complicated life really is.

Having no real control over your ship does not help matters much either. The control is just point here click there and watch it soar off to that spot and watch it mine or fight. Orbit this, Orbit that, watch your ship fly around in circles. Also there’s no real interaction with anyone. There are no avatars, no real NPCs, nothing just a messaging service, oh wow how exciting.

Again I have to remind myself that there are people who absolutely love this type of game style, but there are others like myself who just want to blow things up and get away from reality. The main reason why people like me play MMO’s.

EVE Apocrypha is an MMO that has to be tried first. you can not go by what people say about this game. Again there are a lot of people who actually enjoy this game. So I am going to base the scoring on their thoughts as well as my review.

There is no gray area with EVE Apocrpyha, either you love it, or absolutely dread this game. Since there is no grey area I will hold the reward but still give this game a decent rating and let you the player rate this game for your self.

Performance N/A
Value N/A
Quality N/A
Features N/A
Innovation N/A
We are using a new addition to our scoring system to provide additional feedback beyond a flat score. Please note that the final score isn’t an aggregate average of the new rating system.
Total 6.5
Pro Cons

Stunning graphics

Fully customizable character

Extremely large playing field

Too much customizing can lead to being overwhelmed

Way too much Reality



Summary: EVE Apocrypha is a good game that offers players a lot of options. You can literally get lost for hours just exploring this extremely large universe.

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