Tuesday , 21 November 2023
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Welcome 7nm, AMD NAVI is here! – AMD Radeon RX 5700XT and RX 5700 Graphics Card Review

3DMark Fire strike

3DMark Firestrike shows that the new RX 5700 series slots in right around where AMD claimed with the RX 5700 right below the RTX 2070 and the RX 5700 XT falling behind the RTX 2080. What surprised me was that in Firestrike we see the respective RTX SUPER cards actually behind the RX 5700 series cards they are slotted to beat.

3DMark Time Spy


Time Spy is the newest 3DMark entry being a DX12 variant. The RX 5700 series does not fare as well here, with the RX 5700 XT falling below the RTX 2060 SUPER at standard Time Spy while on the extreme variant, the XT falls right behind the RTX 2070 FE model.

The RX 5700 on regular time spy slots directly in front of the RTX 2060 FE, while on the extreme test we see the RX 5700 holds its line right in front of the RTX 2060, but quite below the SUPER model.


VRMark has 3 levels, Easiest being Orange, then heavy being Cyan and insane mode being Blue. We are omitting Orange as every current card maxes it out and it is no longer a very viable representation of performance.

Cyan, we see that the RX 5700 XT falls in line where we would expect it with the RX 5700 doing the same. Both slot well in between the respective RTX cards they were supposed to beat while the SUPER variants designed to beat them, did so.

Blue, as I said, is “insane mode” and it shows as the RX 5700 series might not do too well on this sort of loading. First off, we have the RX 5700 XT which falls below the RTX 2060 SUPER and just ahead of the RTX 2060 FE. The RX 5700 we see it falls to just above the GTX 1660 Ti OC model or right behind a GTX 1080 and well behind the RTX 2060.


Unigine Heaven 4.0 Pro

Heaven is a long time test in our suite. It is from Unigine and pushes tessellation and some heavy GPU loading.

While Heaven may be aging, putting it at 4K still puts some hurt on the GPU and can give you a very good view of raw performance scaling. Here we see that the RX 5700 series has a decnt showing for the RX 5700 beating the RTX 2060 and slotting in right behind the RTX 2060 SUPER. Unfortunately for the RX 5700 XT it falters on this test as it is in a dead heat with the RTX 2060 SUPER while the RTX 2070 and SUPER of the namesake beat it.

Unigine Superposition Pro

Superposition is the newest benchmark from Unigine and is better aligned with testing the newer cards we are testing today.

Here with Unigine Superposition, we see the RX 5700 series or should I say the RX 5700 pulling its weight and landing right about where claims said it should be. The RX 5700 slots in above the RTX 2060 while the RX 5700 Xt it slots in above the 1080 Ti and just below the RTX 2070 with the RTX 2060 SUPER and RTX 2070 SUPER both taking quite high scores here.

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  1. Stauros Scorpion

    Hot and loud and performance is ok but not great.

    • It was truly not very hot or loud in my experience. I have seen some who have reported that issue but my card under gaming loading never got anywhere above expected GPU temps. I do wish it had more headroom, but we will find out as WATTMAN was still pretty sketchy when we got a last-minute driver to test it.

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