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Quakecon 2005 – Day 3

Quakecon 2005 is officially over and it was definitely a blast. Come check out the latest on the final day of Quakecon 2005!

I decided to give today’s story a little twist from the usual. I’m going to go through a quick overview of my third day here at QuakeCon 2005.  From wake to present, I’ll tell you what it is like to be here, on-site, at the United State’s largest LAN party.

Late Morning

Well, after a late night, or should I say early morning, of gaming I was in no shape to be getting up at the early time of 9:00am, but that is when the alarm was set for and I couldn’t fight the urge to get back into the BYOC. Staying up gaming until 4am and only getting about 4 hours of sleep for the second day in a row will do interesting things to your mental state. The concept of time seems to slip through the cracks in a dimly-lit room filled with 3,000+ other hardcore gamers. After getting ready and making sure I had taken some Asprin for my aching head, it was time for a mid-morning “re-fueling”. Everyone was starting to feel the effects of the lack of sleep and ego’s were definitely getting in the way of having a great time. Food took care of that, and as soon as everyone had their fill of fast-food, we were all ready to head back to the Gaylord Texan to rack up a few frags.

Early Afternoon

Gaming for hours on end can, even though this may sound impossible, start to actually get boring. Taking a stroll around the vendor area was just what I was needing to give me a little variety in my extended weekend vacation. Below are some night time shots of the vendor area. These areas were so packed with gamers throughout the day that it was often difficult to navigate through the crowd.

After a nice refreshing stroll through the vendor area it was time for more gaming. It is just amazing to see how many different games, both old and new, have multiple servers for your gaming pleasure at QuakeCon. One of the most popular games this year seemed to be the newly-released Battlefield 2. There were times when multiple servers were filled to the brim with hardcore gamers. Older games, like id Software’s Quake 3, also had many servers, and the last time I played, I was given a choice of over 30 LAN servers to choose from. Impressive to say the least.

This afternoon was also home to the ever-popular ardOCP Workshop. Attendees were treated to many give-aways and outlooks on current and future products coming out in the PC enthusiast market.


Time seems to fly by here at QuakeCon, and before I knew it, it was time for the real fun to begin. After all the tournaments had ended and their winners were presented their purses, which totaled $150,000, id threw a party for everyone in attendance. Providing the music was the band “Dismantled”. Their tunes had the party hopping at the Main stage to well past midnight, with ‘conners gathered around the stage to get a better view. Check out the party below.


After leaving the party, I decided to get a few images of what the BYOC looks like at midnight. The following are just a few of the awesome sights that one can expect to see here at QuakeCon. Anyone that was not able to make it was definitely missing out on the best LAN party ever! Back to gaming for me!


Day three was definitely a whirl-wind experience of gaming, file-sharing and fun. I know all of the Bjorn3D staff that made the trip to Dallas this year had a blast, and we will be sure to make the trip again next year to bring you coverage from QuakeCon 2006. Stay tuned to the site for a final wrap-up of QuakeCon 2005!

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