B3D Hack-O-Lantern Contest

Björn3D just finished up a Halloween Hack-O-Lantern contest.  We wanted to do something to celebrate the Halloween/Fall season and reward the creativity of our readers.  So we decided to sponsor a pumpkin carving/modification contest.  The results absolutely blew us away, so we’ve posted them here for all to see.  But first, here’s a list of the winners:

  • 1st place, and winner of a Leadtek WinFast K7N415DA (nForce) motherboard and a BFG GeForce4 64MB Ti 4200 video card: Magoo’s Organax
  • 2nd place, and winner of a Gainward GeForce4 128MB Ti 4200 video card: VivIsel’s PumpkinPC
  • 3rd place, and winner of an ATi Radeon 8500: Reyawn’s B3D Projector

Honorable Mentions, and winners of NVIDIA t-shirts:

  • Lazlo
  • Plan 9’s wife
  • OliverRedFox

Follow the links to the right to see each participant’s pumpkin(s)!

Magoo was inspired by our slight dig at the case mod trend to show lots of creativity and humor in his 1st place entry:

VivIsel’s PumpkinPC also went with the case mod theme.  Only he took it to the extreme and made a working PC out of a real pumpkin!


Reyawn was the first entrant to use his pumpkin as a projector:


Once he got started, Lazlo just couldn’t stop carving! (Unfortunately, he pulled down his images before we could save them.  Lazlo, please mail them to us so we can share!)

Entrant Plan 9 had his wife enter, although we never got her name.  She carved an homage to her favorite game character, Alice from “American McGee’s Alice”.

OliverRedFox was another entrant who just couldn’t stop the urge to carve!

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